Summer Reading 2012

Well, the end has come – books have been read, jugglers watched, donuts eaten, and all the stars have been counted. This was a stupendous, record-breaking summer! Attendance for all events saw a 109% increase from last year. Thank you so much for coming to the library this summer. It was wonderful to see such happy, shining faces and to make so many new friends.

Animal Masks!

Summer Reading crafters made birthday hats, masks, dream catchers, lightning bugs and shooting stars. Summer Reading attendees saw two theater performances, some old school Disney movies, a magic show, a singer, a storyteller and a juggler. And of course, Summer Reading readers read and read and read. Readers read so much they filled three big jars with stars. 7100 stars to be exact.

Chatham Community Library summer readers earned 7100 stars, which is 3550 hours, which is almost 148 days, which is almost 21 weeks, which is over 5 months of reading. That is a lot of reading!

Another fun fact, if you laid all 7100 stars end to end, it would equal 7100 inches. 7100 inches is almost 592 feet, which is over 197 yards, which is almost two football fields worth of stars. That is a lot of stars!

So many stars!

Great job, everyone! Thank you all for a great summer!!!


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