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Resource of the Month: NC Division of Employment Security – Job Openings

DESDo you keep hitting a wall in your job hunt? Wish there was a resource that pooled job openings and job search resources in NC and across the country? Well you’re in luck – such a resource actually exists, and it’s free for anyone to use!

The NC Division of Employment Security (NCDES) Job Openings web page acts as a locally-based job-hunting index to the internet. It contains links to several useful resources including but not limited to: NC state government jobs, NC State Government Internship Program, NC job fairs, a list of NC employer websites, federal government jobs, CareerOneStop, and more. Want to teach in North Carolina? No problem, the NCDES Job Openings site will link you to Teach 4 NC for more information. Looking for more of a one-stop online resource to make your life easier? The NCDES Job Openings site has you covered and will point you to NCWorks and CareerOneStop. Need information on apprenticeships, job seeking tools, support services, and/or other special circumstances, like applying for a job as a former offender or youth ages 14-24? Just click the “Job Assistance” link in the dark blue banner at the top of the page to launch an NC Commerce page with all sorts of useful information. Finding a new job is never easy, but you can make it slightly easier on yourself by using the resources provided by NC Division of Employment Security (NCDES) Job Openings web page.

To access this resource, point your browser to http://www.ncesc1.com/individual/jobSearch/jobSearchMain.asp. No sign-in or NC LIVE access is required to access the website. Happy job hunting!

Resource of the Month: ReferenceUSA

referenceusa_alt_576pxhReferenceUSA is a valuable source of business and residential information for business and consumer research. You can find more than 24 million businesses, 262 million consumers, new U.S. businesses and new U.S. homeowners in ReferenceUSA’s databases, providing quick and easy access to quality information that can be used to answer a wide variety of business questions.

Small business owners/entrepreneurs use ReferenceUSA to:

  • select a location and do a radius search to look up the number of similar businesses in the area
  • check the strength of the competition with years in business and credit rating
  • look for businesses to buy or connect with fellow business owners

Job seekers can locate and research companies they may want to work for. The databases include:

  • 200,000 human resource contact names
  • business descriptions
  • website links to job postings

People who are moving can use ReferenceUSA to:

  • find schools, childcare, houses of worship, doctors and other services
  • research neighborhoods
  • look for housing
  • check home value and median income to see how they will compare to neighbors

Students use ReferenceUSA to:

  • find articles for research on businesses
  • perform complicated searches for papers and class projects
  • use data summaries to profile a neighborhood, city or state by type of business, size of business or household median income

To access ReferenceUSA, point your browser to www.nclive.org and click on the Business and Management subject heading. Scroll down the list of resources to find and click on ReferenceUSA. If you are outside of the library, you will be prompted to enter your library card number.

Resource of the Month: Occupational Outlook Handbook

Bureau_of_labor_statisticsAre you looking for a change in career, but are at a loss for options?  Or maybe you know what you want to do, but have only a vague idea what your dream job requires. For example, would you need to take classes?  How many hours a week could you expect to put in at this new job?  What innate attributes would help you in this career?  And what hasn’t even occurred to you?

In plain language, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you what you need to know about almost any job you can name. Click the link to any job on the site (there are over 4,000 listed), and you will see a job summary that tells you:

  • what you can expect to be paid in that position,
  • how much education you need to secure the job,
  • how much on-the-job training you can expect,
  • approximately how many of those jobs are currently on the market,
  • how quickly that job market is growing (or shrinking),
  • and much more.

From the Summary page, you can browse categories for more detailed information via links such as What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, Job Outlook, and Similar Occupations.

To access the Occupational Outlook Handbook online via Chatham Community Library’s Online Resources page, choose the NC LIVE link, then scroll down to the middle of the page and click on the Career, Jobs, & Test Preparation category.  From there, click on the Occupational Outlook Handbook link to be taken to the site.  (You can also visit www.bls.gov/ooh directly. No login required.)