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Resource of the Month: Proquest Family Health

2014-09-03_0927In January 2015, many of our online resources currently available through NC LIVE will change. One new resource we’ll be offering is ProQuest Family Health. This database includes magazines and journals covering consumer health topics such as sports injuries, women’s health issues, children’s health, food and nutrition, midwifery, eye care, dentistry, and much more. As with some other databases in NC LIVE, ProQuest Family Health gives you the option to limit your search results to only full text articles, only peer reviewed articles, and other specifications.

ProQuest Family Health is useful for nursing students and those in related health professions. It is also invaluable for families looking for accurate, in-depth information about a variety of health issues. As you probably know, the internet is not always a reliable source of information about health issues, particularly those that are controversial or little-understood. Families who are trying to learn about issues such as ADHD, diabetes, or just what to look for in a pediatric dentist will find that ProQuest Family Health offers a sensible and reliable alternative to much of the “chatter” you might find when looking for information on the world-wide web.

To access this resource, visit www.nclive.org. Scroll down and click on the “Nursing & Allied Health” link. Click on “ProQuest Family Health” (you will be prompted to choose your library and provide your library card number).

Click here to see a complete list of our new databases.

Resource of the Month: Drug & Herb Information

ConsumerHealthCompleteAre you looking for reliable information on prescription drugs or medicinal herbs?

The Consumer Health Complete database is a great resource for this topic. The Drug and Herb Information section features concise and clinically-relevant drug monographs for all U.S. prescription drugs, hard-to-find herbal and nutritional supplements, over-the-counter products and new and investigational drugs. It also includes revised information on FDA changes.

Using the search bar, readers can find drug and herb information related to a specific illness, or they can find articles about a particular drug or herb. The page also has links to the results of Top Searches, which recently included:

  • Cholesterol medications
  • Diabetes medications
  • Heart medications
  • Pain medications
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Stroke medications
  • Vitamin B
  • Zinc

Reference sources on the site include Peterson Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants & Herbs, AHFS Consumer Medication Information, and Complete Guide to Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs.

To access this resource, go to www.chathamlibraries.org and click on the Online Resources link on the left.  Scroll down and click the blue Health & Wellness Information Center button.  (You can also go directly to www.nclive.org and click on the Health & Wellness heading.)  In the top right box, click on Consumer Health Complete. From there, click on Drug & Herb Information.

Many of the resources in the Health & Wellness Information Center are provided by NC LIVE, so you will be asked to sign in using your library card number if you are accessing these resources outside of the library. 

Resource of the Month: Health & Wellness Information Center

HealthWellnessLooking online for health information can be frustrating.  It’s hard to tell if you can trust the advice you find, and some websites obscure their information with pop-up ads and other distractions.  Though we all want to stay healthy, few among us have the time or budget to subscribe to multiple medical journals.

The Health & Wellness Information Center, available through NC LIVE, offers videos, eBooks, journal articles, and links to reliable local health and wellness resources. Through this portal, patrons can:

  • find a local doctor or research health issues unique to North Carolinians via NC Health Info, a UNC Health Sciences Library Service,
  • access in-depth, peer-reviewed scholarly articles via EBSCO Host,
  • stream videos from NOVA, Frontline, and others via NC LIVE’s video collection,
  • browse health and wellness subjects on Healthfinder.gov, a federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
  • and more!

To access the Health & Wellness Information Center, go to www.chathamlibraries.org and click on the “Online Resources” link.  Scroll down, and click the big blue “Health & Wellness Information Center” button.  (You can also go directly to www.nclive.org and click on the “Health & Wellness” heading.)  Many of these resources are provided by NC LIVE, so you will be asked to sign in using your library card number.  Once you are signed in, you can browse to your heart’s content, or research medical terms for the contents of your heart!

Note:  The prominently displayed “Search NC LIVE Health and Wellness Resources” field searches the EBSCO databases only.  To see all the resources the portal offers at a glance, click the italicized link on the homepage that says “See all Health & Wellness Resources”.