Happy Thanksgiving!

The November 24, 1898 edition of The Chatham Record reprints a poem by Clinton Scollard, originally published in Harper’s Weekly:



Thanksgiving for the men who braved
The yet scarce furrowed sea,
Rather than cringe, with soul enslaved,
To Kingly tyranny;
Who sought upon this virgin sod
“Freedom to worship God!”

Thanksgiving for the men who met
The stormy brunt of war.
Who yielded life without regret
Lest wrong be conqueror:
For those who fought and lived to see
Triumphant liberty!

Thanksgiving that the olden scars
By time are hid and healed;
That now our flag’s close-clustering stars
Shine on no gory field,
But year by year a rich increase
Springs from the arts of peace!

Thanksgiving for a past that gleams With light so fair to see;
Thanksgiving for the glorious dreams Of triumphs yet to be;
Thanksgiving, all, with one accord,
Unto our father’s Lord!
Clinton Scollard, in Harper’s Weekly

I’d like to add: Thanksgiving I’ve never seen a turkey big enough to donate that wishbone.


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