Did you know your child or grandchild can read their favorite book to Scout?


Did you know that once every other week, a friendly dachshund named Scout visits Chatham Community Library? It’s a fact.

Scout, a licensed therapy dog, is the library’s ambassador for the “All Ears” Reading Program. Scout arrives at the library every other Wednesday at 4:00 PM, ready to hear some stories. Each child (eligible ages are six to twelve years old) gets fifteen minutes of exclusive time with Scout to read him their favorite book. Scout’s handler is on hand if children have questions about their book (or about Scout).

Scout loves it, and so do the kids. In the first year of the “All Ears” Program (2013), over one hundred kids read to Scout, and 24 of them came back to do it again. Studies indicate that kids who might be disinclined to read are encouraged by “All Ears” service dogs’ calm, nonjudgmental companionship at the library. This can encourage reading outside the library, which can in turn raise their reading level and increase their test scores, confidence and self-esteem.

If you’d like for your child or grandchild to read to Scout, just call Children’s Services here at Chatham Community Library (919-545-8085) to register and schedule an appointment. Scout will see and hear you soon!



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