Resource of the Month: Legal Information Reference Center

Legal Info Ref CtrIf you’re looking for expert guidance on a wide variety of legal issues, the Legal Information Reference Center is a great place to start.  Available through NC LIVE, this resource offers information on just about any legal topic you can imagine.  You can browse one of several categories, including information relating to:

  • business and corporations
  • family affairs and divorce
  • immigration and travel
  • money and financial planning
  • patents, copyrights, and trademarks
  • property and real estate
  • rights and disputes
  • wills and estate planning

You can search for specific legal forms for issues like bankruptcy, patents, accident claims, home buying and selling, green cards, adoption, wills, and more. You can narrow your search to forms by state, too – for example, only North Carolina forms. And finally, you can read online copies of several useful legal guides, including Nolo books on bankruptcy, neighbor guides, becoming a U.S. citizen, retirement plans, and several others.

After you’ve found some helpful information, you can save it to your online folder to peruse at your leisure.

So the next time you need legal information or forms, visit, look under the Government & Law category, and check out the Legal Information Reference Center!


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