J & P Voelkel

We are very excited to have J & P Voelkel visiting us tomorrow, Wednesday, March 20th at 4:00,  to talk about their series The Jaguar Stones.   They will be talking in the Holmes meeting room.  Both the 11 and up book club (Insert Book Here) and the boy’s book club (Awesomeness) read the first book in their series, Middleworld, in preparation for the event. Insert Book Here made jewelry based on the Mayan symbols  representing their birthdays.   Awesomeness played a modified version of the Mayan ball game, Pitz.

Here is a synopsis of the first book in The Jaguar Stones series, Middleworld,  from the Voelkel’s website:

Fourteen-year-old Max Murphy, video-gamer extraordinaire, is furious when his archaeologist parents cancel the family vacation to go on a dig in Central America. But things go from bad to worse when Max is summoned to join them, only to discover that his parents have vanished. With the help of Lola, a fast-talking, quick-thinking Maya girl, Max embarks on a quest to find out just what’s going on. Soon Max and Lola are running for their lives in the perilous rainforest, as they unlock ancient secrets, meet mysterious strangers, and begin to understand that, in San Xavier, nothing is ever as it seems.

Fate has delivered a challenge of epic proportions to Max Murphy. But can a teen whose biggest talent is for video games rescue his  parents from the Maya Underworld and save himself from the villainous Lords of Death?

Final Preparations are underway. We’ll share photos and details of the event soon. We hear they might be bringing us fried mealworms to try!


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  1. Great blog!

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