Coming soon to your library…

Two new reading groups are coming to your library this January:

  • Let’s Talk About It Mysteries! Let’s Talk About It is a series of programs offered by the North Carolina Humanities Council and the State Library of North Carolina.  Each program features discussions of books or films moderated by North Carolina Humanities Council scholars.  The Friends of the Chatham Community Library have been awarded a grant to bring this program and the scholar-moderators to Chatham Community Library during the next few months.  Our program, Mysteries, will kick off with a presentation by Friends of the Library President Rhoda Berkowitz entitled The History of Mystery.  At five meetings following her presentation, Humanties Council scholars will moderate discussions of five different contemporary mysteries. Find out more about his program and add your name to the waiting list for our Let’s Talk About It: Mysteries program here.
  • ¿Español? Luis in Circulation will be leading a Spanish-language reading group. Sign up at the circulation desk or come to the first organizational meeting on January 21 at 11 am at the library. For more information email Luis.

Are you a writer? Do you aspire to write? Well come write in…

  • Molly in Circulation will be leading a weekly writing group beginning in February. The group will meet each week to write and share our work with each other. Each week’s session will have a different goal–from idea generation to critiquing finished work, come for whichever sessions you like. Find more information here. Questions? Want to sign up? Email Molly.

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