New Year’s Resolutions @ CCL

The new year is upon us – the time when we think back on the last 365 days and consider what we did right, what we did wrong, and what our hopes are for the future. Why not include the library in your New Year’s resolution plans? Take a look at some of the resources available at the Chatham Community Library that can help get your 2012 off to a great start!
(Numbers in parentheses are Dewey Decimal call numbers.)

Money: Economically-speaking, times are rough for many of us. CCL has a variety of resources to help you stretch your dollars, budget effectively, plan for retirement, spend wisely, and get out of debt.
Personal Finance (332.024), Retirement (332.024 & 646.79), Consumer Report (reference desk)

Health: Whether you’re looking to learn to cook, start cooking more meals at home, drop a few pounds, or manage a troublesome health issue, we have you covered!
Diet & Fitness (613.25-613.79), Cooking & Cookbooks (641), Psychology & Self Help (150-158), Medical Sciences (610-619)

Hobbies: Do you have a passion you never pursued, or a craft you’ve always wanted to learn? Maybe you’re just looking for something new and interesting to learn, or something fun to pass the time. We have everything from goat farming and beekeeping to quilting and knitting.
Gardening & Hobby Farming (630-635), Pets & Other Animals (636-639), Crafting (738-746), Music (780-788)

Education: Is your 2012 goal to go back to school, improve your knowledge of a subject area, or make the most of the education you have? Maybe you want to catch up with current technology or learn new software. We can feed your brain and give you the leg up you need.
Standardized Test Guides (378), College Majors (331.7023, 378), Computer & Software Classes @CCL

Career: Is 2012 the year you’ll start a new career? Launch your own small business? Improve your management skills or leadership? We have all the tools you need to set yourself up for success.
Resumes & Cover Letters (650.14), Business, Leadership, & Management (658), Small Business (658.022)

Family: Will you be starting a family in 2012, or perhaps expanding? Are you interested in researching your family history and lineage? We have a great genealogy section and plenty of resources to help you help your family.
Pregnancy & Fertility (618.2), Parenting (305-306, 649), Genealogy (LGH section), Adoption (362.734)

Reading: Last but never least, CCL is here to support reading and literacy. We have books and audiobooks galore in both hard copies and electronic versions available for download. Fiction, non-fiction, books for teens, books for children, practical, fun, informative, frivolous, whatever strikes your fancy. And don’t forget, if we don’t have a book or topic that you’d like to see on our shelves, feel free to fill out a purchase request at the circulation desk!
Fiction (adults, teenagers, children), Books about Books (011, 028, 809-810, 813), Books about Reading (372, 649.58)

Let us help you with your plans for the new year! We hope to see you soon.

Happy New Year from the Chatham Community Library!


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