Did you know you can check out back issues of magazines?

You may know that the Chatham Community Library has the latest issues of many popular magazines, but did you know that we also keep back issues? And did you know that most of those back issues are available to check out?

The most current issue of most magazines we keep (with some exceptions, like Consumer Reports) are displayed in binders on the rack behind the “second fireplace” on the north side of the library. What some folks don’t know is that the display shelves tilt up to reveal back issues of those same magazines going back as far as a year.

We want everyone to have an equal crack at the most current issues of the library’s magazines, so they don’t leave the building. However, when issues are no longer current they move to the “secret panel” and are available for checkout (again, with the exception of Consumer Reports, which we guard like platinum nuggets — ask for these at the reference desk).

Come have a sit in our comfy chairs to peruse the latest editions of National Geographic or Good Housekeeping, and take as many as twenty-five back issues home to read in the comfort of your own living room!


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