Did you know we have a community puzzle?

IMG_4009Did you know that the library has a community puzzle for patrons to work on?

It’s a nice way to relax or just while away a few minutes as you wait for your loved ones in the library.  Look for the puzzle in the Young Adult section, on a table near the windows.  (Please note that the puzzle is intended for our adult and young adult patrons, not for children.)

We have a group of three dedicated puzzlers who work on the puzzle for 30 minutes to an hour at a time.  Others just stop for a few minutes as they’re passing by.  When a puzzle is completed, it stays on the table for three days so that everyone who worked on it can see the finished product.  If a puzzle is particularly impressive, we may keep it and use it again, but most of our completed puzzles are donated to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

The community puzzle was started in 2012 by a donation from a library staff member, and all of our puzzles have since been donated by patrons.  If you have a puzzle you’d like to donate, please contact Susan (545-8084), or simply bring the puzzle to the front desk.

We also have a chess board next to the fireplace closest to the reference desk.  Stop by for a game the next time you’re in the library!


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