Your Weekly Vocabulary Brush-up

dollar humor careThis ad from the April 14, 1904  issue of The Chatham Record sent me to the dictionary where I learned that “scrofulous” means “having a diseased appearance,” or “morally contaminated.” Of course it also means “of, related to, or affected with scrofula” but that’s no fun at all.


From Pimples to Scrofula From Infancy to Age

To those who have suffered long and hopelessly from Humors of the Blood, Skin, and Scalp, and who have lost faith in doctors, medicines, and all things human, CUTICURA Soap, Ointment, and Pills appeal with a force hardly to be realized. Every hope, every expectation awakened by them has been more than fulfilled. More great cures of Simple, Scrofulous, and Hereditary Humors are daily made by them than by all other Blood and Skin Remedies combined, a single set, costing but one dollar, being often sufficient to cure the most distressing cases when all else fails.

Said throughout the world. Cuticura Resolvent 50₵ (in form of Chocolate Coated Pills, 25₵ per vial of 60. Ointment, 50₵, Soap, 25₵. [illegible] London, 27 Charterhouse Sq.; Paris, 3 Rue de la Paix; Boston, 137 Columbus Ave, Potter Drug & Chem Corp., Sole Prop.

→ Send for “All About the Skin and Scalp.”



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