Healthful, meaning “Not Dangerous”

Tin June 27 1889

From the June 27, 1889 issue of The Chatham Record:

Tin Coffee Pots Healthful.

“Tin coffee pots are as healthful to use as silver, and they will last just a long,” said a workman in tin recently to a reporter for the New York Mail and Express.

“How are these tin pots made?” asked the reporter.

“They put the tin on Russia iron. The way it is done is to take a sheet of Russia iron and dip it into red-hot tin. Upon this molten tin is a lot of tallow, which cleans the tin and gives it lustre. If it were not for this tallow the tin would be all full of little bunches. Very often we find the tin sheets very greasy when we get them. This comes from the tallow. Russia iron is the same material as is used for the body of a stove. This is usually triple-coated, sometimes more. The best tin is imported. For some reason or other it cannot be made in this country. The Yankee tin made here is what we call cooked tin, and cheap articles are usually made with it, such as five-cent goods. Tin tea or coffee pots must be well dried after using, and kept very clean, and they will then be good for a number of years.


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