Best Wishes From the Last Day of 1903 (and 2013)!

New Year 1903


We pull the curtain on 2013 with these salutations from the December 31, 1903 edition of The Chatham Record:


Before the echoes of the sad farewells to the old year have died away are heard the joyful greetings to the new year. Today we say farewell to the old year and tomorrow we greet the new year, just as in monarchical countries, at the death of a king, is heard the cry, ‘The King is dead,’ and then the joyful shout ‘Long live the King!’

Today we ‘ring out the old’ and tomorrow we ‘ring in the new.’ And thus it is year after year as they chase each other in their too rapid flight. What the new year may have in store for any of us no man can foretell, and it is fortunate for us that the future is veiled from our human ken.  We can only wish for our readers that all their brightest hopes may be realized and that 1904 may be the happiest year of their lives. May they so profit by their experiences during the past year as to be enabled the better to enjoy the coming year. To each and all we wish a very Happy New Year!


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