Free eBook Friday: Half Magic, by Edward Eager

Half Magic, by Edward Eager:

Edward Eager’s tales, mixing magic and reality, have been delighting young readers for six decades.  Half Magic, the most popular of his tales about four children who encounter magical coins, time-travel herb gardens, and other unlikely devices, is a warm, funny, original adventure.  The “half magic” of the title refers to a coin that the children find.  Through a comical series of coincidences, they discover that the coin is magic.  Well, it’s not totally magic–it’s only (you guessed it) half magic.  That means there’s a certain logic to the wishes one must make to generate a desired outcome.  Imagine the results emerging from inaccurate efforts: “half” invisible, “half” rescued, “half” everything!  Half Magic is never too cute, and with just enough emotion to complement the magic, this book is sure to hold a special place in any child’s library.  (The publisher suggests the book for kids ages 9-12, but it’s fun enough to read aloud to those slightly younger and clever enough for kids who are a bit older. )

Since Half Magic first hit bookshelves in 1954, Edward Eager’s tales of magic have become beloved classics.  Now the story about vacationing cousins who stumble into magical doings and whimsical adventures is available in ebook format.  The original lively illustrations by N. M. Bodecker have been retained, but eye-catching new cover art by Quentin Blake gives these classics a fresh, contemporary look for a whole new generation.  (From the Amazon review)


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