There’s an Echo In Here

A tree that whistles 241904

From the February 2, 1904 edition of The Chatham Record:

A Tree That Whistles

The ‘Tsofar,’ or whistling tree of South Nubia, is so called from the flute-like sounds made by the wind in its branches. The sound is caused by holes bored by an insect in the spines of the branches.”

The print is a little faint, so we googled the terms “Tsofar ‘Whistling Tree'” to make sure we spelled the tree’s name right.

One search result made it very clear how to spell every single word in the entry. The following was published four days earlier (January 30, 1904), in the Massachusetts Reformatory:

tsofar massachusetts

Apparently entries like this one were available anonymously for publication in multiple papers. We found an identical paragraph in the December 3, 1903 edition of the Star, a newspaper from New Zealand.

Tsofar New Zealand

So are we clear on the Tsofar?


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