Ssssh. Here’s Your Ice Cream

Ice Cream Freezers correctedAccording to the August 19, 1901 issue of The Chatham Record, all this screaming for ice cream started right around the turn of the twentieth century.

Small Ice Cream Freezers.

“The quart ice cream freezers which were put out long ago as a sort of toy have established themselves a wide use, says the New York Evening Post. In the sick room and in the college and boarding school dormitory they have filled a want that has been felt but not recognized until their satisfactory service began. Persons boarding have found them an easily utilized convenience, and the bachelor girl is sure to count one in her studio or den. Dealers are finding a sale for the new for use in small families. A quart of caterer’s cream is estimated to serve five persons, and the homemade ice goes still further. The little freezers are easily operated, and can be tucked away in any icebox for the ripening process of their contents so conveniently that the laziest kitchen maid is willing to use them. A little experience adapts any of the numerous recipes for creams, ices, sherbets, frappe, mousse or parfait in the limited quantity of the miniature freezers, and makes easily possible an indefinite list of frozen desserts.”


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