For Further Reading…

In the library world, we’re big on the idea of “read-alikes”, suggestions for other materials we think you might enjoy based on something you’ve already read. Considering the wealth of wonderful materials we have at the Chatham Community Library about our county’s history and culture, I figure it’s high time for a CCL on the Record read-alike list. You can find all of the following materials in our Local History and Genealogy section. Reference staff will be more than happy to help you locate specific titles.

1. Chatham County Newspapers on Microfilm – This is an obvious one, considering that all the articles featured on this blog come from microfilm copies of county newspapers, but not everyone realizes that these are available for public viewing! We have extensive holdings for the Chatham Record, as well as  more limited holdings for the Herald, Citizen, and Observer. If you need a tutorial on using the microfilm reader, just as the reference staff. We’re happy to oblige! (Microfilm drawers)

2. Chatham County 1771-1971, edited by Hadley, Horton, and Strowd – This text has been referenced in CCL on the Record several times because it is a fantastic go-to resource for people, places, and events in Chatham County history. This is a wonderful starting place and a great general tour of our history. (NC 975.659 CHA & LHG 975.659 CHA)

3. Tales Beyond Fried Rabbit by Fred J. Vatter – A charming collection of short non-fiction articles and stories highlighting our county’s history, citizens, and community. The book begins with the short tale of how the rabbit trade saved the economy of Chatham County in the early 1900s, complete with photo, and continues on organized by topic. (LHG 975.659 VAT)

4. The Town of Siler City: 1887 – 1987 by Wade Hampton Hadley, Jr. – Published in 1986 to commemorate the town’s centennial anniversary, this quick read chronicles the history of Siler City from the earliest settlers to the industrial plants that drove the town to new heights. Many great photographs and events. (LHG 975.659 HAD)

5. The Chatham Railroad by Robert A. Wiesner – A 2005 publication of the Chatham County Historical Association chronicling the birth of the Chatham railroad, the politics surrounding its construction and operation, and the changes that occurred throughout its life. (LHG 385.065 WIE)

6. The North Carolina Historical Review (1962 – present, plus index through 1973) – This quarterly-published journal contains articles about North Carolina history and reviews of historical texts about North Carolina and the South. (LHG Journals)

7. The Architectural heritage of Chatham County, North Carolina by Rachel Osborn and Ruth Selden-Sturgill – This hefty work is a major source of information for people researching family or county history. It contains a chronicle of the architectural development of the area, a specific section on the development of Pittsboro, and an architectural inventory of all of Chatham’s townships. Filled to the brim with photos! (LHG 720.9756 OSB)

8. Since Then: A Short Illustrated History of Pittsboro, North Carolina by John Haughton London – Just as the title says, this is a very brief, photo-filled account of Pittsboro history. This little volume is a wonderful resource for a quick history lesson, photos of old buildings, and scans of old documents. A quick but substantial read. (LHG 975.659 LON)

9. Inventory of the Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats of Chatham County, North Carolina by Stephen P. Hall and Marjorie Boyer – Though this may seem out of place with the more narrative non-fiction works listed above, the nature geek in me couldn’t resist this last addition. This survey of rare species, natural areas, and ecosystems was published in 1992; I haven’t been able to find an updated version, but if you know of one please leave a comment! Fascinating for nature lovers, conservationists, and Chatham County hikers. (LHG 975.659 HAL)


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