Did you know our website has an online resources page?

Nowadays most people understand that the modern library offers much more than books to answer their questions; libraries now often offer access to online resources that would be too expensive for most patrons to subscribe to themselves. But did you know that the Chatham County Library System has gathered our most popular online resources onto one easy-to-read webpage?

Chatham County Public Libraries have over a hundred online resources available for patrons, but a webpage listing them all would be practically unreadable. Instead, we’ve created a webpage listing the categories our patrons use the most (“Business & Investing”, “Computer Skills”, “eBooks”, “Genealogy”, “Health”, “Journal Articles”, “Language Learning”,“Reader Tools”, and “Video”), and we’ve identified our most popular online resources in those categories.

For example, if you want to learn a second (or third) language, you’ll find Pronunciator under the “Language Learning” banner on our Online Resources page. If you want to borrow any virtual materials, “Ebook, E-Audiobooks & Magazines” lists four different resources (eBooks on NC LIVE, e-iNC Library, OneClickDigital, and Zinio) to cover the multiple formats offered by different resources. If you are up for a deep dive, our Online Resources page also provides a link to NC LIVE’s homepage (nclive.org), which offers over one hundred online resources.

To access the Online Resources page on the Chatham County Public Libraries website, point your browser to www.chathamlibraries.org, then look for “Online Resources” in the menu on the left side of the page. Have your library card at the ready; you will probably need it to access some of the resources.

As always, click the “Ask a Librarian” widget if you need help!


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