A Debate Cooling on the Windowsill of History



I may have cracked the anti-pie stance of the nineteenth-century Chatham Record.Was it colonial resentment? Stay tuned.

In any case, here’s an article of interest to your humble blogger. I am always after a way to improve my pastry (shut up), and here, displaced one hundred thirteen years, is technique I’ve not tried.

Courtesy the October 8, 1903 issue of the Chatham Record:



English Pie Crust.

The English cook has a knack of keeping her pie crust crisp and delicate, instead of growing soaked and soggy, as the American crust is apt to be. The crust is prepared in the American style, but instead of lining a pan or dish as we do they cover the bottom and outside of the dish or pan, pricking the crust closely to prevent the formation of blisters. Then a layer-cake pan is covered with a sheet of crust, and both are baked a delicate brown. When finished the pie pan is removed from its cover of crust, and the latter is filled with stewed or sliced and sugared fruit. The piece baked in the layer pan is used as a lid. Meat filling can be used also. – New York Journal

Oh, it’s on.











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