Resource of the Month: SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRSDid any of those hot button issues come up over the holidays at gatherings with family and friends? You know, those issues that cause your blood pressure to rise as you hear someone present questionable “facts” from the other side, the one you don’t agree with?  If you’d like to be prepared next time, check out SIRS Issues Researcher on NC LIVE, which you can access with your library card.

SIRS Issues Researcher provides analysis and opinions covering the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues. Background and current analysis necessary for the research and understanding of 320+ current and pervasive Leading Issues is available in a very easy to use format. In fact, the resource is set up for middle and high school students to use in school projects; however, the information is also on point for adults to research and discuss current topics.

The Topic Overview covers the basics for understanding each issue. Essential Questions, with answers and viewpoint articles, are provided. All articles, websites, videos, multimedia graphics, charts, maps, statistics, primary sources and government documents are hand-selected from thousands of national and international sources. The opening page displays the current Top 10 issues, which are currently:

  • Animal experimentation
  • Bullying
  • Capital punishment
  • Cellular telephones
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Gun Control
  • Homework
  • Marijuana, law and legislation
  • Same-sex marriage
  • School uniforms

From, under the By Subject heading on the right, click on Current Issues.  Select SIRS Knowledge Source Package from the list.  On the SIRS page, you can click on one of Your Top 10 Pro vs. Con Leading Issues on the right of your screen, or click on the link for ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher to access all 300 available topics.


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