Root Beer With a Striking Level of Detail


Anyone besides me see that name and think “High Resolution Root Beer”? No? Just me?


A cool bottle of Hires Rootbeer on a sweltering hot day is highly essential to comfort and health. It cools the blood, reduces your temperature, tones the stomach. Hires Rootbeer should be in every office, in every workshop. A temperance drink, more healthful than ice water, more delightful and satisfying than any other beverage produced.

I love me some root beer, but I call shenanigans on this ad from the June 24, 1897 issue of The Chatham Record. Maybe high resolution root beer is good for you, but standard root beer is just sodey pop, isn’t it?

That bottle is cool, though.

So’s this mug, and it is in highly disturbing resolution.




One response to “Root Beer With a Striking Level of Detail

  1. Perhaps you’re just not old enough to remember Hires root beer. Just another brand name, like A&W. Just sodey pop. Since 1876 and you can still purchase “extract.” But it’s better out of the cooler in a dark country store.

    Cheers! alcooke


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