Consider the Source

dead men don't advertise sept251881

The September 25, 1881 edition of The Chatham Record reprints a piece from Stationer and Printer.

“Dead Men Don’t Advertise.

It can be safely laid down as a rule that in these days of universal advertising the man who don’t [sic] advertise either has nothing for sale which will bear talking about or he is so old fogyish in his methods of business that he has got so far behind the times that he will never catch up. There is no surer evidence of snap and energy in a business man or firm than liberal advertising. In the store or warerooms of a large advertiser the purchaser finds the lastest [sic] styles, the best material, the most approved patterns, the most reliable goods and the most advanced business methods. Advertising pays not only in the matter of attracting customers which is the legitimate aim of all advertisements, but it enables the reader to see who are the really live and energetic men in any line of business, and by keeping them constantly in mind the reader of the papers can avoid the old fogy tradesman whose greatest mistake in life has been in not getting buried twenty-five years ago. Dead men don’t advertise. –Stationer and Printer.


Oh, yeah?



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