An Impromptu Public Service Announcement, Brought to You by Some Guy

june51919From the June 5, 1919 edition of The Chatham Record:

“Some Talk about the Fourth”
By Rambler

“‘The 4th comes this year on Friday, July 4th,’ remarked a citizen, the other day. ‘Many people will come forth here on the 4th to witness the grand celebration which we will have. That celebration ought to be a fine advertisement for Pittsboro. Do you know that many country people do not like Pittsboro,’ the gentleman kept on talking. ‘Why, I don’t know. The people are clever and obliging. Outsiders say that there is too much digging going on the streets cleaning out ditches that the odor from upturned carts caused sickness. There may be some truth in what outsiders say, and if it is, the town authorities should put a stop to it at once. I hope the weeds growing so beautiful all over town will not be molested, as they are not only ornamental, but it proves the fertility of Pittsboro ground. I hope everybody in Chatham will come here on the 4th so they can see and appreciate their beautiful capital (sic) city.’ Then the gentleman wiped his nose on his shirt sleeve and went to the drug store to get a dope.”

Despite our orator’s tendency to hold forth and to state the very obvious, we cannot explain his behavior as the result of drug abuse. In 1919, “Getting a dope” usually meant “having a Coke”.


One response to “An Impromptu Public Service Announcement, Brought to You by Some Guy

  1. I believe the original formula for Coca-Cola contained cocaine.

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