Local News: 4 March 1886

An assortment of reports on local events provides a colorful glimpse into everyday life in Chatham County in the 1880s.  And some great news for A. A. McKethan!

Thursday, March 4, 1886: Local Records

~ The March winds are drying the roads rapidly.

~ Mr. W. R. Edgerton has sold his “Hailbron” farm, near this place, to Mr. John R. Smith, of Goldsboro.

~ There were 9 marriage licenses issued in this county last month, of which 4 were to whites and 5 to blacks.

~While the March winds blow fires are especially dangerous, and every prudent man ought to insure his dwelling.

~Quite a large crowd was in town on last Monday to attend the meeting of county commissioners and magistrates.

~Three boys, the grandsons of Mr. W. G. Harris, arrived at their grandfather’s last week all the way from Arizona.

~Dr. H. T. Chapin has returned from the Louisville Medical College a full-fledged M.D. ready to kill or cure: and Dr. H.C. Jackson has also received a diploma from the same institution.

~We take pleasure in noting another proof of Siler’s growing prosperity, in the establishment of a [?] drug store there by our [?] countrymen, Messrs. E. D. & B. N. Mann, whose advertisement appears in another column.

~ It affords us much pleasure to be able to correct the statement that the venerable A. A. McKethan, of Fayetteville, is dead. We published last week the announcement of his death, on what was supposed to be reliable authority. His health is somewhat better now than it has been.


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