Keeping an Eye on the Littles

romantic marriageYou can almost hear the writer’s eyebrow lift  in this feature from the April 1, 1880 edition of The Chatham Record. Let’s hope they had a long, happy life together.

Romantic Marriage

Our readers will remember that. About eighteen months ago, Miss Linkhaw, of Lumberton, killed Mr. Hartman and was acquitted by a jury. The Charlotte Observer gives the following romantic account of her recent marriage:

“During the period of her confinement in the jail at Lumberton, when the only companion she had was her child, which was born after the enactment of the tragedy, she received many letters from sympathetic persons in all parts of the country. Among her correspondents was a man named Little, who is represented as a Custom House officer stationed at Sullivan’s Island, near Charleston. He became deeply interested in her, and wrote to her repeatedly while she was in prison. On the night the trial was expected to close, he was on the Island, and in attempting to reach Charleston during the prevalence of a severe storm, that he might hear at the earliest possible moment whether she was to live or die, he barely escaped being lost by the capsizing of the boat. After the acquittal of Miss Linkhaw the correspondence was kept up, photographs were exchanged, and a proposal of marriage was made and accepted. A week ago, Miss Linkhaw, accompanied by her child and one of her sisters, left Lumberton and proceeded to Florence, S.C., where she was met by Mr. Little and the marriage ceremony was quietly performed. The three, mother, child and husband, then left for Mr. Little’s home, and here the story, for the present, stops.”


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